How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the house. It is also where a significant amount of wear and tear occurs over time. There are so many decisions to be made when doing a bathroom remodel, not the least of which is how much is a workable budget to meet your goals? We wanted to break down this common question for you so you can better understand the costs associated with bathroom renovations before you dive into the project.

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What does an average bathroom remodel cost?

An average full bathroom remodel can cost between $27,000-$115,000. This is a very broad range and depends on many factors. The size of the bathroom as well as the type of finishes you choose can greatly impact your bottom line. The skill level of the tradesmen is also a major factor to take into account. If you choose to update your existing bathroom within its current footprint, your cost will be lower than if you need to move walls, plumbing, and/or electricity for example. Additionally, you should expect to pay more for a master bathroom remodel than you would for a guest bathroom or half-bath.

Zonda Research says to expect to pay about 12-22% of your home’s value on renovating your existing bathroom. This means that for a $500,000 home, costs could be $60,000 or higher for a basic remodeling project done with quality materials and skilled tradesmen. Due to coronavirus and inflation, we’ve seen prices for everything increase down to contractor materials and faucets and fixtures. Material costs have gone up 15-50% in the last 12-18 months, so keep this in mind as you are budgeting for your project.

Not nearly as much as with a kitchen remodel, but cabinetry in the bathroom can eat up a good portion of your budget. Depending on the cabinets you choose, you may be looking at costs in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Tile work and plumbing fixtures will eat up an even heftier chunk of your bathroom remodel budget. Tile work pricing breaks down in two ways – first, the cost of the tile itself which can be $7-$25 and second, the installation labor costs which can also run in the same dollar amount range. There is a price tag associated with skilled tile mechanics and plumbers. Plumbing fees will increase the more fixtures you have. If you are a married couple designing a master bathroom with a double vanity bathroom sink, Jacuzzi tub, and large shower with multiple shower heads, your costs are greater than if you’re designing a guest bath or powder room.

What would a luxury bathroom remodel cost?

A luxury bathroom remodel will put you in the 18-22+% range. In these remodels, you may opt for custom made cabinetry, high-end marble or quartz countertops, mosaic or hand-made tile, as well as luxury items such as heated towel racks, heated floors, sculptured freestanding tubs, zero-entry showers, and more.

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The National Kitchen and Bath Association, NKBA, agrees that, in recent years, main bathrooms are seen as less of the functional place that they are and more of luxurious spa retreats. “Bathrooms have evolved from spaces of basic functionality to ones of retreat, connection, self-care and refuge,” NKBA said in their 2022 study of luxury bathrooms. This is even more so the case for upscale homes where homeowners request to focus on biophilic and wellness design.

Showers are an area that our clients like to customize. Large glass and zero-entry showers are extremely popular. Wet rooms in which you can barely tell where the shower ends and rest of the bathroom begins, continue to be a strong trend. Wellness design that indulges your senses, such as  “sound therapy” with integrated waterproof speakers to infuse your shower or bathing experience with calming music add to that spa retreat experience. These types of spaces normally include intricate tile work or niche shelves that can hold your bath soaps add customization; all of which add to your project’s budget.

At Virginia Design Group, we are experts in both kitchen and bathroom design. We are trained in the latest technology and want to incorporate that knowledge with your personal style, interests, and family needs. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help you create the perfect bathroom you are looking for.